The goal of GIFTGenerator is to make the use of Moodle easier for teachers, tutors, parents, or anyone using the system. As such, we aim to incorporate certain utilities in the application, along with our problem generation, to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Below is a list of the utilities built into GIFTGenerator.

Combine GIFT Files

Due to the current limitations of Moodle's question bank import functionality, one can only upload a single GIFT file at a time. To work around this, we've created a file combiner in GIFTGenerator wherein a user can select a directory containing any number of GIFT files and combine them into a single GIFT file.

For example, say we've created 10 different quizzes yesterday and 10 today but now we'd rather just have all the problems put into Moodle to create new quizzes with them. Traditionally, this would be 20, rather slow, imports to the system. With the file combiner functionality we can create a directory containing all 20 GIFT files, select the directory through the app and create a single GIFT file to upload to Moodle.


The file combiner can be found in the search box or panel tree as 'Combine GIFT Files'. In the panel tree this is located in the Utilites folder.

Moodle GIFT file combiner

As shown in the image, the file combining utility is fairly straightforward to use. The user must first select a directory of GIFT files, whereupon the count of GIFT files will be displayed next to the directory select button. Once a directory is selected, either press the 'Combine' button to run the process and create the newly combined GIFT file, or change the combined file's name prior to execution, this may help with your record keeping.

Also shown is a 'Show Files' button which, when pressed, opens the current selected directory and displays the GIFT files in that location. This helps you to ensure the correct directory is selected.

Other Utilities

As of GIFTGenerator version 1 release 1, there is only the file combining utility built into GIFTGenerator. With each release we listen to the feedback of our customers and incorporate new utilities that best suit our users' needs. If there is new functionality you'd like to see in GIFTGenerator Contact Us with suggestions and, if you need it urgently, inquire about our custom development rates.