English Problems

Although somewhat harder to randomize, GIFTGenerator offers a few select English problem types. These problem types are outlined below with examples on how to use them.

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Problem Types


Definition problem types generate problems wherein a student must select the multiple choice answer that correctly defines the provided word. The problem will display the word, the type of word (noun, adjective, adverb, or verb) and 4 possible definitions.

The problem type takes as input a few selections depending on which types of words you'd like to ask definitions for. If you're students are workin on nouns this week and you'd only like to ask for definitions of nouns you would uncheck the 'Generate Adverb', 'Generate Adjective', and 'Generate Verb' boxes.

You also have the option to upload your own dictionary file. The default dictionary provided contains about 5,000 words. To use your own dictionary, the file must have the following format:

  • 1 word, type of word, and definition per line.
  • The type of word must be abbreviated to function correctly with the panel input. That is, nouns = 'n.', verbs = 'v.', adjectives = 'adj.' adverbs = 'adv.'

For example, the following is a valid dictionary file,

adjutant adj. Auxiliary. adjutant adj. Auxiliary.
promenade v. To walk for amusement or exercise.
prominence n. The quality of being noticeable or distinguished.
readily adv. Without objection or reluctance.
readjust v. To put in order after disarrangement.

Note the words need not be in alphabetical order like an actual dictionary. Any order is fine as they are sorted programatically by GIFTGenerator.

Example Usage

The input from the panel above would produce 1, 10 problem quiz using the default dictionary and allowing any of the 4 types of words in the quiz. This would produce problems of the form shown below.

Idioms and Proverbs

Included with GIFTGenerator is a file containing about 400 English idioms and proverbs. For these problem types a multiple choice question is created wherein there are 3 incorrect choices providing wrong definitions and 1 correct choice that properly defines a given proverb or idiom.

The input for this panel is fairly straightforward. If both checkboxes are ticked both types of problems will be generated, otherwise one or the other type is generated based on which box is checked.

With previous releases the option to import your own custom idiom or proverb file has not been implemented. Our development team is currently working on adding this functionality to GIFTGenerator. If this is something you'd like to see sooner rather than later, Contact Us to let us know this feature is important or to learn how to have this functionality added specifically for you as soon as possible.

Example Usage

For this particular run, both idioms and proverbs problems will be generated since both boxes are checked. Below is an example of the output.

Parts of Speech

Parts of speech problems are multiple choice problems in which a word is displayed and the student must decide which part of speech it is. The options are adverb, adjective, noun, and verb.

The input for this panel let's you decide if you want the words displayed to be adverbs, adjectives, verbs, nouns, or any combination of these four choices. Selecting or deselecting a type of word will allow it disallow it to be output as a problem, respectively.

Like with the panels above there are default files built into GIFTGenerator containing these words. At present there is no way to configure the words used with this problem type but we are working to implement this functionality. If this functionality is important to you Contact Us to let us know and discuss options of an early release of this feature.

Example Usage

As seen above this problem type is straighforward to use. An example of the problems generated is shown below.


Spelling questions select a word from the built-in dictionary of about 900 words and displays three different spellings. The student will retype the correct spelling of the word for the answer.

On this panel there are two dropdown menus where you can select letters of the alphabet. The words selected from the dictionary will be between the start and end letters.

The functionality to upload custom files for spelling words is currently being implemented in GIFTGenerator.

Example Usage

An example of the problems genereated is shown below.

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Example Usage