Using GIFTGenerator

This documentation aims to teach you all there is to know about using the GIFTGenerator software.

If you're experiencing problems when using the output of GIFTGenerator with your Moodle site make sure you're settings are as specified in our Setting Up Moodle for GIFTGenerator documentation.

Searching and Navigating

GIFTGenerator (GG) offers two ways of navigating the different problem types: a dropdown box and a tree structure. For exploring GG the tree is probably the most efficient way of navigating the software. Clicking the folders in the tree will open them and show subfolders or problem types. For example, clicking the "Subject/Categories" tree entry will display two new folders, "Math" and "English". Drilling down further into either of these subfolders will display the different English and Math problem types you can generate.

The second mode of navigation also offers the most effective way of searching for problem types. By clicking on the dropdown box above the tree structure on the left-hand side of GG you can select any of the problem types or utility functions (these are ordered alphabetically). Additionally, if the dropdown is selected you also have the ability to start typing which allows searching for a particular screen. This is how you search and navigate panels with the combobox and the tree structure.

Generating Problems

Quiz Data - What is it?

Discuss what the quizzes, number of problems per quiz, and quiz header are for. Discuss that the values will be grabbed when pressing generate but pressing 'Set Quiz Data' will change the values if already set previously.

Changing the Output Directory

What is the Queue?

Answer how does the queue work. Discuss clearing the queue, adding to the queue, etc. How generation works with the queued formats. The queue was created to allow multiple problem types in a single quiz.

Generated Files

Directory Structure

Timestamped files, day stamped folders....

The Output Panel

Importing into Moodle

Getting Help and Reporting Bugs

Online Help - You're reading it!

Reporting Bugs and Issues