Our GIFT to you.

Drastically reduce quiz creation time.
Focus more energy on teaching.
Maximize learning potential.

GIFTGenerator is the ultimate tool for creating randomly generated quizzes used by the Moodle LMS.

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Focus on Teaching, Improve Student Success

GIFTGenerator's ability to quickly mass produce quizzes for your Moodle site allows you to focus on teaching, getting you off the computer and in the classroom!

30+ Problem Types

GIFTGenerator provides over 30 predefined problem types. These range from basic addition and subtraction to algebra and geometry based questions. Full List


Developed in Java, GIFTGenerator only requires an installation of Java to run on your computer (Java8 recommended). Java is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems allowing you to take GIFTGenerator practically anywhere. Get Java8

Comprehensive Documentation

We've spent time compiling comprehensive documentation so you never have to feel confused using GIFTGenerator. The documentation is available via shortcut in the app (simply press 'CTRL+H') and can be found here.

Developer Support and New Features

GIFTGenerator is constantly under development! With quick release cycles we can quickly provide the newest features decided on by your feedback. Additionally, you have access to support directly from developers by contacting us.

Get GIFTGenerator

Download GIFTGenerator, use is free for a lifetime.

Click Here for instructions on installing GIFTGenerator on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Click Here to submit a support ticket if you are having troubles using the application.


A zip file containing the contents needed to install and run GIFTGenerator for Windows.

A zip file containing the contents needed to install and run GIFTGenerator for Linux distributions.

A zip file containing the contents needed to install and run GIFTGenerator for Apple's Mac OS.


GIFTGenerator is developed by a small team of indie developers working on the application part-time.

Continued development of GIFTGenerator is supported by our users via generous contributions and feedback.

Of course, donating is not required and the application will still be maintained and developed. However contributing does let us know that the application is important to you and leads to more focus on the continued development of the project.

For you, this means bug fixes and new features will become available more quickly enhancing the functionality and useability of the application.

Need More Problem Types?

If you like the idea of GIFTGenerator but it doesn't quite cover all of your bases Contact Us about custom development.

HyTex Software Solutions, the firm behind GIFTGenerator, offers custom programming to allow you complete customization of the application. This involves adding new problem type functionality or any other features you would like to see in GIFTGenerator. Get in touch for a quote for your bespoke application development.